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Technology and innovation drive everything we do. In fact, our investment in technology, including developing our own digital marketing software, is what sets us apart from competitors. Every business we work with has the opportunity to access our Reporting Portal – a revolutionary software that allows you to measure and understand your entire online marketing performance, in real time.


The result of years of market research and development, Reporting Portal is a revolutionary software owned exclusively by Digital Elder. It’s an online hub for your digital marketing data, where you can see the results of your campaigns unfold before your eyes. Stats from AdWords, social media advertising, email marketing and more are delivered in real time, meaning you can make positive changes to improve your business quickly.

No more confusion, no more wasted budget or time logging into different platforms. Just clear insights in one spot.


Reporting Portal is available as a white label solution for organisations seeking to add value to their services. Especially appealing for traditional marketing groups, PR and content agencies, as well as consultants, Reporting Portal can be re-skinned in your brand colours and marketed to clients as your own product.

It provides an ideal and cost-effective way to retain your clients, diversify your services and position yourself as a leader in digital marketing.


Reporting Portal can be paired with data from any source, including the suite of Google advertising products, as well as CRM software and your favourite social media. Using the intuitive dashboard, you can access tools to visualise data, set goals and generate reports.

Different members from your team can access the insights, with the option to limit visibility if desired. Reporting Portal works because it gives you ownership over your digital marketing data.


Reporting Portal makes all your digital marketing efforts amazingly trackable. Learn where your customers are coming from and what they do when they arrive on your website. Not only can you monitor behaviour online, but you can use Reporting Portal to track offline behaviour as well.

By integrating the software with Avanser, you can use Reporting Portal to listen to phone calls between your staff and customers who’ve responded to an online ad. This gives you a powerful opportunity to improve how customers are handled offline as well as on the web.

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